In The Name of God

The real estate industry is considered as a major business peak in all countries of the world, including Iran. Real estate business has attracted many advocates to itself because of its attractiveness and security of capital, so that investment in this industry is considered as a global business.

With the advent of information technology and the development of applications, different guilds and industries have undergone fundamental changes in businesses; Meanwhile, the real estate consultants’ guild has undergone some changes in recent years too.

Keeping the real estate business up-to-date with technology and using the latest technology, in addition to lowering the costs, have created a new horizon in the industry. Social networks technology has made the real estate business more vibrant and dynamic. Consultants and clients can communicate and interact with each other at any time through social networks. In fact, this technology has enabled the rapid sharing of information; Information technology also removes all geographical constraints and expands the scope of communications across the globe.

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