With the spread of business science in countries around the world, the real estate profession has also taken on a scientific form, and now because it is knowledge-based, this profession is governed based on the expertise and skill of competent people in the form of real estate industry. Tolou' Melal Advisory Group, through using all relevant needs, hiring specialized, capable and professional consultants as well as exploiting the most up-to-date information, managed to have a very important role as one of the pioneers in the real estate industry, even in the real estate market slump created in recent years.

The complex, managed by Mehdi Abdol Razzaqi (Razzaqi), has been established in 1375 under the name of Maskan-e-Bam (Bozorg Ajans Mahmoudieh), which In a short time, reached its highest peak in Tehran and Since 1390, it has been run professionally based on three principles of customer orientation, integrity and expertise, that are the essence of this system, under the name of Tolou' Melal Advisory Group in Districts 1, 2 and 3 and has opened a new horizon in the field of real estate transactions.

This complex will suit your every need in real estate, including buying and selling, participation in the construction and set-off property, and also mortgaging and renting (commercial, office and residential) and all these are regulated by the use of legal and real estate experts, and administrative services of this holding, which includes obtaining approval from the required organizations, do all of the above in the shortest possible time.

With its great efforts, Tolou' Melal complex has been able to transform the buying and selling of properties from mere brokering and mediation into a specialized and expert work, and make itself one of the least defective real estate advisors in the region.